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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Julie and I decided to get a second opinion from another RE. We have both been getting frustrated with the RE we currently have. I don’t think he is giving us horrible medical advice. The problem I have is his Professionalism. I decided that when we talk to second opinion RE I want to establish some things off the bat. I spent 15 years working in Mental Hospitals and there are some things that doctor s tend to do that drive me nuts.

1. After walking the door for every appointment and asking our names. We have had over 10 appointments by now we should start looking a little familiar. Please review the chart before you come into the room.

2. Please remember that we are using donor sperm. Stop asking about my health and what treatments I am doing. I Don’t Have Sperm. This won’t change. We established this on our first visit; we don’t have to revisit it every time I come to an appt. with my wife. These appointments are for what we can do for here and need to be focused on her health. This could also be avoided by reviewing the chart.

3. Asking “What are we doing today?” every time we come to an appt? Well, my wife is dressed in a paper machete dress, on her back, with her legs in stirrups and her toes are pointed to the ceiling. The nurse is standing there holding a phallic shaped probe with an industrial condom on it. Maybe we are in here for a sonogram? Again please review the chart before you enter the room, three appointments ago we decided on this course of treatment.

4. Answer the question we ask. For example when you say statements such as “Your cervical lining is thick and it appears that you have ovulated, but there were no signs of large follicles”. And we ask “What could possible cause that?” His response “If we switch to injectables she should ovulate.” That not an answer to the question, that’s another form of treatment.

These may sound minor but they are a concern for me. If these minor issues get overlooked or ignored are the larger ones getting ignored as well?

What are some of the things that doctors have done that have driven you nuts?

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  1. OMG - Can we print this out and send it to our docs? Seriously, Read the freakin chart before you open your gosh darn mouth! You are so totally not alone with these frustrations.

    I guess we have been generally lucky with our IF docs. The one visit that I always think about is the RE who was telling us all of the risks of IVF, and kept referring to multiples/twins as a big risk. Hello, if this is our singular chance at a family, twins, in my humble opinion, would be a best case scenario!!!

    Can I mention that I think it is so awesome that you refer to your "beautiful" wife in your profile. So sweet.